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Antler is changing the way early-stage investments are made. The Antler Australia Portfolio Reveal showcases the Fund's most recent investments in ambitious startups.Using this platform, you have the opportunity to watch these companies' pitches, download their decks, and connect with the founders directly!From FinTech to EdTech and AdTech - there’s something for all investor mandates, or if you’re looking to advise or join an early-stage startup a huge variety of sectors and models.

Antler Portfolio Companies

Learn more about the companies Antler has invested in.
Watch their investor pitch, read through their deck,
and get in touch with the founders.

Consumer & FinTech

EdTech, Productivity & Analytics

Events & AdTech

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Antler is the investor backing the world’s most driven founders, from day zero to greatness.For founders, we are fuelled by a passion that goes beyond traditional investing and so far have helped create and invest in more than 90 startups in Australia alone, and hundreds more across the world.Our next intake starts on January 30, 2023.For investors, we target outsized returns by investing at lower valuations, investing early, and investing in a diversified, sector-agnostic portfolio.
Ultimately, de-risking the investment opportunity for investors.
Whether you're a founder, investor, both or other, get in touch with us!

Antler Australia's consulting partner BDO Australia, a leading adviser to technology companies globally, supports our early-stage startups in their operations. From establishing processes, providing outsourced functions, R&D and tax compliance, to funding and beyond, BDO supports founders at every stage of their business.
Startup Daily is the offical media partner of Antler's Portfolio Reveal.

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